About Go History!

Please note – Go History is undergoing some development. I am adding the pre-visit sheets as audio, more options for reflection, and the badges will be on the pre-visit sheets instead of the post-visit sheets. I will also be making Go History a pay-for website – a one-off payment for lifetime access. This is so I can continue the growth of Go History, and keep it advertisement free.

Image of the family

Hello! We are the Beston family – home educating and history-loving! We love to visit historical sites, and we have discovered that if we find out about a place BEFORE we go there, we get so much more from our trip. You see when we’re out and about the kids move so fast, and I’m watching the kids, so neither I nor the kids, end up being able to read the onsite information! Phew! So I started making note sheets for the family, filled with historical information and fun questions about each place we visited. Now we can visit a location already knowing a little about it, and this allows us to chill a bit, and the kids can still be their adventurous selves! And I want to share these helpful info sheets with you. I figure it would be a shame to let my hours of research sit on a hard drive when it could be helping other families get more out of their historical trips too!

Each note sheet contains key information about the history of a site, and I’ve tried to include interesting and quirky titbits linked to that place. In addition to four multiple-choice questions on each note sheet, you’ll also find an ‘on-site’ question, something to challenge you whilst you’re actually at the historical location.

In addition, I’ve created a ‘History Passport‘ that you can print out, make, and fill with reward stamps after your visit. The reward stamps also come with a post-visit worksheet (found on each historical place page), where your little one can extend their learning by sharing what they liked, and what they found interesting, about the historical place.

Go History! Objectives

🌈To help families access historical information about places.
🌈To enhance young people’s visits to historical sites by providing historical information.
🌈To foster enthusiasm and interest for history in young people. 
🌈To encourage more visits by young people and families to historical sites. 

We hope you enjoy these note sheets as much as we have, and that they give your historical days out more context, knowledge and fun!

Go Museums!

I’ve also added a Go Museums! page to the website, with listings of museums by county. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful and complementary to Go History!